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Mixing & Routing System 52/XC2
DSP core 52/XC2
tn_52-7420_swx_front-top-sThe 52/XC2 Core is our new central DSP and logic unit for all Series 52 devices.

The configurable and powerful DSP system of the 52/XC2 provides sufficient resources for meeting the highest requirements, and all of that in a 1U housing.

52/XC System
The 52/XC Core is the central DSP and control unit of a DHD Series 52 mixing console. All control modules and I/O modules are connected to the 52/XC Core. For that, 12 APC ports (APC=Audio, Power, Control) are available, which are connected with the modules via Ethernet cables. The transmission of audio data, control data and power to a module is solely realised via one Ethernet cable, thus allowing the easy installation of I/O modules at the place where they are used.
If the number of control and I/O modules exceeds the number of APC ports, you can extend the 52/XC Core by up to two 52/XC Concentrators. Each of them provides 12 additional APC ports. The Concentrator is connected with the 52/XC Core via a fiber optic cable. This Gigabit Audio connection allows to send and receive 512 audio channels at the same time. In addition, the control data of all connected modules are also transmitted through this connection. The usage of 3rd party switches in the DHD-Network and the transmission of APC and Gigabit Audio signals via LAN are not allowed.52xc_example-system_2rgb For the exchange of audio signals between two 52/XC cores, you can use MADI and standard audio connections or direct connections via the Gigabit Audio ports (fiber optic cable) and the APC ports (CAT 5/6). The connection between two APC ports enables to send and receive 48 audio channels, whereas the Gigabit Audio connection is able to transmit up to 512 audio channels at the same time.


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