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Mixing Console 52/MX
Mixing Console 52/MX
52/MX-1The 52/MX (Modular Mixing Console) is presented in a completely new design, with its redeveloped control desk basing on single-fader modules, control modules and touch-sensitive TFT displays. Due to its new colour, hand rest and angled ergonomic shape, the 52/MX also visually stands out from its predecessors. A wide range of control and fader modules as well as various console frame sizes makes it easy to create the right mixer according to the customer’s requirements.
The 52/MX Design

tn_52mx_00172The 52/MX mixing console system is even more modular than the previous DHD consoles. Modules in strip technology – an audio mixer principle long known and proven in broadcast – allow a maximum of flexibility. This way, even smallest production units can be set up. Separated journalist desks, news studios or operating elements for controlling on-air switches and crosspoints can be realised just as well as large production consoles with extensive fader functions and complex control modules.

Almost all 52/MX modules can be combined. Fader modules can for instance easily complement control modules, which will extend the fader channel with additional encoders or pushbuttons. This also applies to the central control unit; its function range can thus be adjusted very flexibly to the user’s requirements.

The wiring of medium and large systems is simplified by the use of Ethernet via CAT5 cable, since the CAN bus known from the RM4200D has not been used in the 52/MX.

In face of all innovation, we still keep to the proven principles of our previous mixing consoles:

  • freely (with the functions included in Toolbox5) configurable hardware, no predefined pushbutton functions
  • easy-to-use configuration software
  • high reliability in 24/7 operation due to rugged workmanship


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