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What DHD does...
DHD audioDHD develops and manufactures digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios.

Our customers are public and commercial radio stations around the globe.
Company Facts
DHD Deubner Hoffmann Digital was founded in March 1996 in Ilmenau, Germany, by Diploma engineers Sven Hoffmann and Joerg M. Deubner. The company’s goal is the development of hardware and software for its own products as well as a service to other companies. The main activity is the development and manufacturing of digital broadcast mixing and routing systems.

At first, the company was situated in the Center of Technology and New Enterprises in Ilmenau. From 1989 to 1995, both owners studied Electrical Engineering at Ilmenau Technical University. During this time, both were members of the student radio station at the university, where they developed an interest in broadcasting technology. As a result, the first ideas for a digital mixer emerged. After their graduation, Sven Hoffmann worked in an electronics company, and Joerg M. Deubner started his career as project engineer at a German public broadcasting company. At the same time, both carried on developing the RM3200D.

In 1996, the new mixer was presented at the AES Exhibition in Copenhagen. The results encouraged further development of the product. In September 1997, the first mixers were supplied to the German Public Broadcasting Company MDR. In 1997 the company also received the first large order of mixers for Deutschlandradio Berlin DLR and Deutschlandfunk Cologne DLF.

In 1998, the company moved to Leipzig and was formally registered as DHD Deubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH.

From the very beginning, the development was based on in-house developed hardware and software. The control electronics uses micro controllers running a real-time operating system. Signal processing uses a modular operating system on digital signal processors, which can easily be extended with special plug-ins. The DHD Digital Mixing Console can be configured with a user-friendly Windows application. After configuration, the mixer works as a stand-alone device without a PC.

From 2002 on sales started on the RM4200D. The new enhanced Digital Broadcast Mixing and Routing System offers new features including extended configuration software, improved internal routing, redoubled DSP power and an increased number of inputs, outputs, interfaces and faders.

2004’s novelty is the smaller RM2200D Mixer, a compact, price-optimised version of the larger RM4200D console, designed for On-Air use and for small OB van and pre-production applications.

The products of DHD are almost completely manufactured in-house – only the mechanical parts are supplied by specialized companies. This ensures that customer demands can be satisfied within a short time and in high quality. After having moved again within the city of Leipzig, a new Surface Mount Technology production line was taken into operation in 1999.

DHD started its business with public broadcasters, but also sells to private radio stations.

The international business of DHD started in 1998 and is carried out by local sales representatives. The first international orders came from the Swiss radio station DRS for 10 broadcast mixers. Further mixers have already been shipped to Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom (BBC), Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Australia (Olympic Games 2000), Guadeloupe (French), French Guiana, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, and of course Germany.


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