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MADI Router 52/XR
When planning large audio projects, the big challenge is to meet current requirements and at the same time leave options for future expansions. The Series 52 MADI Router 52/XR provides both: sufficient resources for all signals to be assigned and the flexibility to enlarge your installation when required.

tn_52xr_00120_aVia MADI, the 52/XR interconnects up to 48 audio systems via fibre-optical cables. This includes DHD mixing systems, DHD Series 52 MADI Breakout Systems (52MB) and as well systems of other manufacturers, presumed they can also exchange audio signals via fibre-optical cables in standard AES10 format with 56 oder 64 channels.

The Router is installed centrally in the audio network and is connected in a star-layout with other audio systems in the network. This helps keeping your audio network clearly laid-out and its complexity stays within certain limits.

In contrast with other audio network concepts, as e.g. non – or weakly standardized Ethernet or TCP/IP audio protocol, we rely on the robust, zero-latency MADI format which is free of any problems with network configuration or administration – just »Plug & Play«. AES10 MADI is the only standardized, widely recognized, free of license and manufacturer independent multichannel transferring format for digital audio world wide.

Maximum Performance on just 6 HU

With an absolute matrix size of 4096 x 4096 Channels (48 MADI per input and output, 1024 DSP channels), the 52/XR is ready for largest audio applications:
  • in broadcast stations
  • in production areas
  • in OB-Vans
  • in theaters

Wherever you want to use the 52/XR - safety will always be one of the most important things. Therefore, the 52/XR has a built in complete redundancy for unlimited operation of the router – all important modules can be used redundantly in the system, independent from each other; the audio signals run redundantly on the passive backplane.

In the »small« version of 3 HU, the matrix size is still 2048 x 2048 (24 MADI per input and output, 512 DSP channels), making up 4 Mill. possible crosspoints. The redundancy options are also available in the 3 HU version.
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